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Tuition Fees

As a natural continuation of twenty years of successful and recognized development of the Povratak prirodi preschool program, Pravac elementary school adapts its environment to the individual developmental needs and interests of each member of the educational community through a combination of pedagogical approaches. Emphasizing that the school is a community, the direction of work and cooperation among participants is reflected through cooperation with parents, other educational and cultural institutions, and the local community, all for the purpose of individual and collective improvement through curricular and extracurricular activities, outside learning, trips, excursions and additional programs and projects.

Contact us for information regarding tuition fees and methods of payment.

Devojcica sa crvenim naocarima gleda pasulj u tegli

The child is an active participant and partner in the process of upbringing and education.

Tuition payment options

Tuition fees for preschool, first cycle (grades I-IV) and second cycle (grades V-VIII) cover all curricular courses, textbooks, literature, backpack, and daily meals (standard diet; for special dietary needs, contact us).

Tuition fees can be paid in three different ways:

One-time payment

Annual tuition for each grade of the first cycle (I, II, III, and IV) is paid by September 5th.

The annual tuition fee for each grade of the second cycle (V-VIII) is paid by September 5th.

Quarterly payment

Tuition can be paid in 4 installments (each installment is 25% of the tuition).

Monthly payment

Tuition can be paid on the 15th of every month and is 1/12 of the total tuition.