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The Pravac elementary school admissions process

Admissions process begins with an expression of interest in enrolling a child either by sending an email to or by calling the number 011 670 2063. This begins admission.

The next step is parents meeting the Admissions Team and receiving a tour of the school. The puprose of such a visit is to allow the applicant to become better acquinted with the school’s program, environment, people, and the daily organization of daily activities at Pravac. After the evaluation, parents sign a contract with the school and pay a deposit in the equivalent amount of 1,000 euros in dinars.

Information regarding tuition fees and payment methods can be found here.

We remind parents that submission of the following documentation is required for enrollment of students in the first grade:

Birth certificate
Health certification proving the child's readiness to start school
Certificate of completion of a preparatory preschool program (at the latest by August 31, 2023)
Nastavnica pokazuje decaku biljku paprike u saksiji i njene pcrvene i zelene plodove

The child is an active participant and partner in the process of upbringing and education.

Steps of the enrollment process


Expression of interest in enrolling a child (email or phone call)

Meeting between parents and the Enrollment Team to become familiar with the program and environment

Testing (for first-graders) and introducing students to the staff and the school

Evaluation and feedback for parents

Signing the contract

Deposit of payment