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Metalni crni gelender sa drvenim rukohvatom sa skulpturom i vratima studija za umetnost u pozadini u Pravac skoli


The location of the school has been carefully chosen to meet our approach to education, and to allow the necessary conditions for smooth and inspired work.
Our most important classrooms are located outside of our walls, within reach of our children’s feet – Hyde Park, Košutnjak, Knez Aleksandar Park, Bencion Buli Forest Park, and Topčider Park. There we study nature and its cycles, creating an awareness of the importance of its preservation. Through our study of the natural phenomena we encounter, we develop our knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, along with the Serbian language, and music, and art in general. For us, every phenomenon inspires us to get to know it from different perspectives and gain our own personal understanding of it.
The school where we gather holds many specialized spaces, including an art studio where creativity is given expression and form, a scientific laboratory where empirical investigation brings deep insight, an area we call “the world around us,” which is our own little natural history museum, our agora where our knowledge and understanding are refined through discussion, and the schoolyard that gives us room for play and physical activity, and learning.

“The fundamental tool we give to children is the impulse to think critically about the world around them!”