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Merenje duzine glave male zmije sa pomicnim merilom

Pravac elementary school staff

To realize our interdisciplinary approach to education, the teaching staff of Pravac elementary school consists of professional educators and specialized subject teachers, who work together to plan and implement program activities with the support of expert associates (pedagogues, psychologists, and special education teachers). They live the stories they tell students; not only do they know the subject matter fully, but they believe fully in what they teach, as well.

A teacher is a role model – a model for learning. It is important for children to discover music with a music teacher (and leader of a goth band), to plant a seedling under the watchful eye of a biologist, to enrich their vocabulary with a teachers of both Serbian and English language and literature, to express their creativity in the presence of dramatists and artists, and to venture into and investigate the world around them with geographers and ecologists, who are, in their vocations as well as their hobbies, passionate explorers and adventurers.

“The fundamental tool we give to children is the impulse to think critically about the world around them!”

We are Pravac

The teacher teaches with their whole personality – not just with formal knowledge, but also informal skills, interests, beliefs, and sensibilities.
With this approach, we select teaching staff who are open to new experiences and continuous personal and professional improvement, who sees the child not just as a student, but as a complete being and an active participant in the exploration.
Recognizing individual differences and contributions makes learning a two-way process and creates an unbreakable synergy of learning and mutual growth.

“I prefer a question to which I don't have an answer, rather than correct answers.”

The teachers of Pravac
Milos Dilkic Pravac skola
Program director

Miloš Dilkić

Miloš Dilkić is a graduate of law with many years of experience in the field of creativity for children and youth, culture, education, performing arts, and international cooperation in the field of culture and education.
Work experience:
2001 – 2003 – Stari Grad culture center – associate for music, drama, entertainment
2001 – CEDEUM – Associate in projects in the field of creativity for young people, drama in education, culture, and international cooperation in the field of culture and education.
2003 – 2019 – Belgrade International School – assistant teacher, personal companion
2022 – Primary School “King Petar I” – personal companion
Other knowledge and competences: work in an inclusive environment, peaceful resolution of disputes, application of the Forum Theater technique within the pedagogy of the oppressed, playing drums, guitars, fiddles, and various other musical instruments, application of music and drama in education, applied music (composing, arranging and interpretation), designing and implementing various programs and projects in the field of curricular and extracurricular activities (Treasure Hunt, Life in the Village, Imaginary Museum).
Hobbies and interests: sport, initiatives and merits, studying nature and society, reading, writing, composing, designing programs and projects for children and young people, entertaining, entrepreneurship, walking, maintaining love for play, curiosity, inquisitiveness, running, jumping, skipping, tumbling, hanging out, traveling, adventures…

Larisa Ilijin Pravac skola

Larisa Ilijin

Larisa Ilijin is a doctor of biological sciences with several decades of experience in scientific research (experimental laboratory work; analysis, interpretation, graphical representation of results; writing and review of scientific papers and projects).
She was born in 1971. She graduated from the Faculty of Biology at the University of Belgrade – bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate.

Work experience – 24 years at the Siniša Stanković Institute for Biological Research and 5 years at the Povratak Pirodi preschool.

In her spare time, she likes to read, watch movies, spend time at the river or hiking, riding a bike, and rowing at Ada Ciganlija.

Ivana Koraksic Pravac skola
Theater Director

Ivana Koraksić

Ivana Koraksić is a graduate director of theater and radio (FDU).
She finished her master’s studies in Amsterdam MAPA (Moving Academy for Performing Arts in Amsterdam) – performing arts.
Additional education:
– “Unschooled knowledge” – collective self-education project, Theory that Walks (2011),
– Meeting of young artists, Jeunes talents cirque Europe (2010),
– “Lab for new dance” – choreographic artistic practice, Bojana Cvejić, Station-service for contemporary dance (2009)
– Masterclass of Jan Fabre in Dubrovnik (2006),
– Workshop of Japanese Butoh choreographer Katsura Kan in Croatia (2005)
– Summer School for Puppet Theater in Berlin (2004) and
– Summer School for Clowns in France ( 2003)
She is an independent artist in the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia and the founder of the Kinetrop Theater (2022).
She was part of the founder and vice president of “Circusfera” (from 2010 to 2020).
She nurtures an eclectic approach that combines circus, dance, movement, puppetry, and dramatic theater. She has directed many plays, of which she singles out those dedicated to children:
– 2011, the play “Zemlja zove” from modern circus S.O.S.Planeta at Little Theater Duško Radović
– 2012. – 2012, “Bebin Svet,” Cirkusfera
– Three plays at the Puppet Theater Pinocchio:
– 2015. – 2015. “A Hat Full of Colors”
– 2018. – 2018. “Alice in Wonderland”
– 2021. – 2021. “Strange Forest”
– 2017. – 2017. “House of Numbers,” National Theater “Toša Jovanović,” Zrenjanin
Apart from these official things, Ivana is a clown, juggler, and fire dancer, and enjoys working with and for children.
She is a co-author in the developmental drama workshops developed at Povratak prirodi under the name Zemun National Theater. Encouraging the development of children’s self-esteem through various forms and possibilities of expression, it explores the child’s world of ideas, imagination and expression through storytelling, dolls, movement, and drawing.
Other projects in the field of directing:
– 2015, “The Madman and the Nun” by Stanislav Vitkjević, Radio Belgrade
– 2014, “Oldness,” Serbian-French-Croatian co-production, Cirkobalkana, Bitef Polifonija
– 2013, “I Consume, Therefore I Exist,” Student cultural center, Belgrade
– 2012, “Society of Dead Serbian Poets,” Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia,
– 2010, “Grounding,” Cultural Center, Valjevo
– 2010, “Oh, Serbia Among the Plums! Patriotic Dadaist Soiree,” REX Cultural Center
– 2009, Reading of the contemporary German drama “Genannt Gospodin,” by Philipp Löhle, National Theatre in Belgrade,
– 2008, performance against violence against women “I can’t leave because,” produced by Women at Work,
– 2007, “Pataphysics” by Eugène Ionesco, Toša Jovanović Theater, Zrenjanin,
– 2007, “Dionysian Ceremony” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the University of Arts in Belgrade,
– 2006, “Writing with a Scalpel” by Petar Mihajlović, Joakim Vujić Theater, Kragujevac

Dragana Mihailovic Pravac skola
Forestry engineer

Dragana Mihailović

Dragana Mihailović was born in 1991. She graduated from the Valjevo Gymnasium, and then from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Belgrade, where she earned a degree in Forestry Engineering (specializations: erosion, flash floods, land reclamation, and conservation).
From 2011 to 2018, she facilitated an ecology workshop for the humanitarian organization “Our Serbia,” organizing creative workshops in nature, research and education with the aim of making children understand, experience, and demonstrate the basic principles of ecology.
Since 2021, she has been employed as an expert associate at Povratak Prirodi in the planning and realization of ecological workshops, education and awareness raising on ecological topics.
Coordinator of creative workshops: growing medicinal herbs, making salves, soaps, essential oils, tinctures…
Engaged in making mini-ecosystems – vivariums, insectariums…
Special interest: urban gardening and forestry – roof garden as a self-sustaining ecosystem in the city environment, study and care of animals.

Tijana Pavlovic Pravac skola

Tijana Pavlović

Tijana Pavlović is a graduate pedagogue with twenty years of experience at various pre-university levels of education: preschool, elementary school, and high school, along with working in various organizations in the state, private and international sectors.
In her work, she has dealt with the following themes: education of national minorities, prevention of violence, inclusive education, dramatic methods in education, experiential and situational learning, integrative planning, and ambient (outdoor) learning.
She is the co-author of two manuals:
– Pavlović T., Potrebić N. and others (2020) – Manual for integrative and experiential learning about the planet and people, titled The Planet is Dressed in Layers. The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
– Thinschmidt A., Pavlović T. (2022) – Training Handbook, Local Awareness for Living Rivers, “Lifeline MDD” project, developed by WWF Adria, Zagreb and WWF Adria, Serbia, for “The Danube Transnational Programme of the European Union – Interreg.” Paper published in the collection of abstracts of the 11th international symposium KOPAČKI RIT / Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow / 2022. “Knowledge is Baked There on the River” – an example of good practice in education about nature protection in the five-state biosphere reserve Mura-Drava
– Danube, by Nikola Matović, Đurđica Janjić, Milica Perić, Tijana Pavlović.
Since 2018, Since 2018, the author and leader of developmental drama workshops for children of preschool age at “Zemun National Theater” within Povratak prirodi preschool.
She uses her artistic, narrative and oral abilities, presentation skills, suggestiveness of expression, and dramatic research of children’s expression in education.
From 2022, project coordinator at Centre E8, a youth center that deals with informal forms of education and includes the Reflektor theater and Zoomer media portal.
2022 – Founded “Igroučenije” to develop educational counseling services
2021 – Author of a manual and seminars on educational ecological workshops on the topic of the Interboundary biosphere of five countries, as an educational expert for WWF Adria, an association for nature protection and preservation of biological diversity, Zagreb
From 2018 to 2021 – pedagogue and expert associate at Povratak prirodi preschool
From 2014 to 2021 – external associate of the Institute for the Improvement of Education, within various commissions
From 2015 to 2018 – pedagogue at Artimedia high school
From 2003 to 2015 – pedagogue at Petar Kočić primary school.

2003 – Coordinator of the project “Helping Roma children in learning and acquiring the teaching language and adaptation to the school environment” in cooperation with the organization Duga.
2005 – coordinator of the project “Volunteer work” – volunteer work of students at school and mentoring of students of the Faculty of Special Education in working with students who have learning problems, realized in cooperation with Duga Center for Volunteer Work and Help for Children in Belgrade and Skupaj Regional Center for the Psychosocial Welfare of Children in Ljubljana
Since 2005, coordinator of the UNICEF project “My School – a school without violence” (as well as coordinator of the Peer Team against Violence)
From 2011 coordinator of the DILS project – “With more confidence towards inclusive education.”
Since 2013, coordinator-associate in the implementation of the project “Professional Orientation in Serbia” organized by GIZ BOSS (Achieved mentoring school status, TOP 10 in Belgrade for PO).

Nemanja Potrebic Pravac skola

Nemanja Potrebić

Nemanja Potrebić is a master geographer with many years of experience in planning and conducting outside learning, teaching, education, and field work with children of all ages and adults in the area of geoscience.
From 2016 to 2018, worked as coordinator of the geographical section and demonstrator of the results of field research at the international research and educational camp M3 Temska.
Since 2017, he has been the coordinator of expert associates in the field of natural sciences at the Povratak prirodi preschool.
Since 2017, the president of the association Via Serbia, which deals with the planning and implementation of educational programs in nature.
Since 2019, member of the Civic Forum for Ecology and Culture.
He is engaged in hiking, conducting field classes and outside leaning, and coordinating a team to carry out these activities. He is also dedicated to introducing innovations in sustainable agriculture (hydroponics, aquaponics, and autopot irrigation systems).
He is the co-author of a seminar on the subject of professional development of teachers.
He is the author and co-author of manuals and literature in the field of natural and social sciences.
Areas of interest: mountaineering, extreme survival adventures in nature, collection and identification of macrofungi, petrology and mineralogy, speleology, botany.
He is interested in studying pedagogy, especially the Soviet pedagogical school of A.S. Makarenko.
He is a fan of Russian literature, blues, Tomos motorcycles, and marbles. Football player and karate practitioner.

Sara Rakovic Pravac skola

Sara Raković

Sara Raković was born in 1990. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad with a master’s degree in psychology.
Professional experience:
2013 – Nina Media – Novi Sad – intern;
2015-2017 – AMSS – assistant to the general director;
2017-2019 – Happy Kids preschool – expert associate, coordinator;
2020-2021 – Kolping Society of Serbia – coordinator;
From 2022, she has been employed as an expert associate / psychologist at the preschool Povratak prirodi.
Projects she has been involved in:
2011-2014 – “Emotions and burnout at work” and “Inherited environmental and psychological factors of mental health” – Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad;
2012 – Standardization of Cattell’s 16PF personality questionnaire with Sinapsa Edicije doo, Belgrade.
Additional trainings:
– Professional development: “Portfolio of educators and professional associates in a preschool institution,” “Inclusion in a preschool institution,” “I can – a step forward” …
– Trainings: “Situational management” (Ken Blanchard Group), Public performance (Main Point).

Jelena Samailovic
Special Education Teacher

Jelena Samailović

Jelena Samailović was born in 1994. She completed her basic and master’s studies at the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation and earned the title of master special education teacher.
Professional experience:
2014-2015 – Center for Family Placement and Adoption – Conducted the “Help with Learning” project for school-age children
2016 – Center for Family Placement and Adoption – Conducted the “Help with Learning” project for school-age children intensive treatment program for children up to 12 years of age;
2016-2017– Primary school “Majka Jugović” – realized special pedagogical preventive activities;
2021 – Inclusive development circle for children and young people “My way” – conducted workshops with children with developmental disabilities;
2021 – Eri educational center (Winsedswiss) – Facilitated mastering school material, conducted workshops;
She currently works as a special education teacher at Povratak prirodi preschool.
She likes reading, writing texts and songs, cooking, hiking, folklore, and organization of humanitarian events.

Pavle Sovilj Pravac skola
Music Associate

Pavle Sovilj

Pavle Sovilj was born in 1982. He graduated from the Section for String Instruments (violin) within the Department of Musical Arts of the Faculty of Arts and Philology in Kragujevac.
He gained many years of experience in the field of music as a composer and associate at the Vrt studio for children, as a music teacher at EPA high school for economics, law, and administration, and at Povratak prirodi preschool, where he has been a music associate for over six years.
He is the composer of the music for the student film “The Guard” by Matija Milunović.
He is the creator of the music project “Sovilsky” – musical experiments through different genres and fusions with video animation.
He has produced films and performances within the framework of Povratak Prirodi: “Tandrk” and “Baba-Yaga’s Rhapsody.”
Other important projects with Povratak prirodi:
– “Serbian Mythology” – mythological workshops with elements of folk tradition – author, leader.
– “Vrzino kolo” – film concluding of the project “Serbian Mythology” – composer, music editor
– “Return to Dušku” – art show dedicated to the work of Dušan Radović – co-author, director, music artist
– “Vis Muzikanti” – music course of musical literacy, singing and playing – author and presenter
Member of bands: Groteska (frontman, guitar, bass, violin), The Father of Serpents (frontman, violin).

Aleksandar Spasic Pravac skola
Applied Artist

Aleksandar Spasić

Born in 1998 in Zemun. Graduated design school in Belgrade, majoring in packaging design. Entered the Faculty of Applied Arts in 2017, majoring in graphics and book design. Upon joining the university, he began work as an assistant in the 4th art studio of professor Vojislav Klačar. Upon completing basic studies, he became an assistant in the Department of Graphics at the Faculty of Applied Arts. He is the winner of the Rista and Beta Vukanović Grand Prize. His works have been exhibited at numerous group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.
Projects he has worked on:
– Book cover – IPC Media, Belgrade – October 2022
– Book cover – Krupni Plan, Belgrade – December 2022
– Gazette for SANU – Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade – September 2023
– Poster designs for Red Bull SoundClash, Belgrade – February 2023.
He is a black belt in karate and enjoys reading French comics and watching short animated films. He likes history and European movies and enjoys solving logic problems.

Tanja Topalovic Pravac skola

Tanja Topalović

She completed her basic academic studies in pedagogy at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy, as the top student in her group. During her master’s studies, she was a teaching demonstrator in the Department of Didactics, in the courses Language and Education and Monitoring and Assessment in Teaching, and was also a scholarship recipient of the Fund for Young Talents of the Republic of Serbia – Dositej. During her studies, she volunteered for several organizations and in a home for children without parental care. She started her career at the Stefan Nemanja Gymnasium, where she worked as an expert associate for three years, and after working with adolescents, she returned to work with preschool children, where she has been working as an expert associate at Povratak prirodi preschool for a year. She was a scientific demonstrator at the Center for the Promotion of Science and a scientific associate at the organization Daj Mi Ruku, where she participated in a number of projects, including international projects in the Erasmus + program. She is actively working on her professional development, having attended several conferences and seminars in the field of education and published a scientific paper. She is also an author of “Can You Hear Me? I Hear You,” a handbook on working with young people, and has recently attended training in psychotherapy.