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Physical activity

Physical activity is an integral part of our everyday life! In the course of the day, we are constantly moving around, whether while studying in our classrooms without walls, or through our physical education classes that we conduct inside, out in the yard, or at the park or a sports center, and still, on top of all that, we make time for even more movement and recreation in our extracurricular hours.

Structured and semi-structured physical activity helps in developing cognitive, emotional and social skills. For this reason, we provide time, space and encouragement for the creative, fun and safe expression of the natural human tendency to move around.

Deca sa nastavnikom u krugu rade vezbe u ucionici

The child is an active participant and partner in the process of upbringing and education.

Nekolicina dece sedi na stablu polozenom iznad potoka

Recreational classes

The best physical activity is done in nature, in the fresh air, among our fellow organisms. Moving over and through natural landscapes exercises the body, senses, and imagination, and keeps us grounded. This is why Pravac tries to maximize every opportunity to connect children with nature.