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Epidaurus is an extracurricular activity designed to channel art and creativity into physical, intellectual, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, and social development.

Through creative activity, with a special focus on music, theater, and fine arts, we grow familiar with the skills, materials and processes involved in the creation of art.

Our time machine allows us to follow the development of artistic expression, beginning with prehistoric people, who tamed fire and thereby created the first sketching tool, the charcoal stick, enabling the invention of one of the foundational treasures of the human spirit – drawing.

Decje ruke stiskaju glinu

The child is an active participant and partner in the process of upbringing and education.

Decak svira gitaru u sedecem polozaju

Drama, music, and development

Through engaging in dramatic games and playing music together as a group, children develop the ability to cooperate and collaborate on shared activities. Using existing musical instruments (cajón, bongos, rattles, ukulele, guitar, xylophone) and making their own new instruments and objects of play assist in the development of gross and fine motor skills, intellectual acuity, and speech.