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The predecessor of Pravac, Povratak prirodi, is an accredited private preschool institution with two decades of experience applying a unique system of pedagogy. It operates its unique programs at the following locations: Pregrevica (kindergarten and preschool for children 5 and 6 years old) and Salaš (kindergarten for children between 2 and 4).

The program is created every year for the children who are attending our preschool, and it is designed, planned and conducted by educators and expert associates – pedagogues, special education teachers, psychologists, music professors, foreign language professors, visual artists, biologists, geographers, literature professors, and anthropologists.

You can find out more about the work and results and impact of our preschool model at the Povratak prirodi page.

Kolona dece sa nastavnicima hoda trotoarom sa cegerima i banerom Povratak prirodi

“Our educational philosophy and integrative programs have been and continue to be created in response to listening to the authentic needs of children in the real world.”

Povratak kids in action

Through project approach to education, kids are lead by grownup mentors, by constantly being active in discovering reality.