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Dva nastavnika okruzeni dimom demonstriraju karakteristike suvog leda

Teacher + Expert

The most significant innovation introduced by Pravac primary school is the study of natural sciences through cooperation between teachers and subject experts beginning with the first grade, all while working in accordance with the national curriculum.

Teaching several related subjects all together with interdisciplinary content is under development, in accordance with the curriculum, for the purpose of producing functional knowledge.

This combination of knowledge, skills and attitudes in the staff leads to more dynamic and engaging teaching.

“Expert associates, teachers, pedagogues, special education teachers, psychologists, music teachers, foreign language teachers, fine artists, biologists, geographers, literature professors, anthropologists - these are our teachers.”

We learn from practice

The long-term operation of Povratak Prirodi preschool has proven the benefits of teachers and subject experts working together. As educators with specific competencies acquired during our own formal education, we firmly believe that this teaching model motivates all participants in the educational process, and provides children with practical, applicable knowledge, the lack of which is commonly the basis of criticisms of traditional primary schools.
Visit the Povratak Prirodi page to learn more about it and our pedagogical achievements over the last 20 years.
Nastavnica objasnjava materiju deci

Future experts

When studying natural sciences with the cooperation of teachers and experts, children are engaged, motivated, and open to acquiring functional knowledge